Chapter One

Well, who can say where any story truly begins. And why tell the story at all? I can only hope it will be for you as for me to review and understand the foundations and first steps of a journey that continues to amaze and excite me in my passion for teaching.

When I was born, the doctor remarked that I was likely to become either a lawyer, preacher, or a teacher. Ironically, I toyed with Law School, actually was a lay preacher for a year, and ended up as a teacher. Can you imagine why the doctor had that prognosis for my future?

My parents were both officers in The Salvation Army, both before and after they married. This meant that both were by nature and necessity “active learners.” Each day was filled with dilemmas and problems unlike any faced before. Whether a widow had a leaky roof, or an injured millworker needed a food and cooking instructions, both were called to “experience” what they preached. This calling was 24/7 long before the term even existed, and I can think of nothing practical that they didn’t have some expertise in. Their ministry required limitless compassion, integrity, patience, and a thick skin for the criticism that would follow good works as surely as a shadow. It was the perfect environment for growing a teacher. 


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One Response to Chapter One

  1. I just came across your blog and your story made me smile. It is probably rare that the doctor at this early stage has a prediction about the future of someone.
    Thank you for sharing your story, I am looking forward to learning more about your teachings.

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